Your Burning Questions Answered Here!

Your probably have tons of thoughts, ideas, and questions you’d like clarified before you move forward. We can’t wait to address each and every one of these, so you can quickly get started, and launch your project to the next level.

Do you offer after-sale support?

Absolutely. We walk you through all the steps throughout the creative process, and then – like any good friend – we’re there when you need us into the future. You’ll have the ongoing support for your project, so you’ll never be left hanging.

What digital 3D services can I get?

You’ll have the very highest quality modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and printing.

If I have an idea for a character, would you help create it from scratch?

Nothing makes us happier! Our expert concept artists happily sketch out your ideas based on the details you offer – this way, we bring your unique vision to life.

I have an idea for a product, I have the sketches and the copyright, how can I go on to effectively develop my idea?

You’ll have the world-class resources you need right here at Trimensional Illusions. Our specialized team members give you top-of-the-line CADD and 3D printing. This way, you’ll have the necessary materials to mold your ideas into the right form when you head to production.

Do I get interactive communication with the team?

You’ll get one-on-one attention, and you’ll have our special chat widget, so you can jump on board and discuss your thoughts any time you need.

Do you offer anything else outside your 3D services?

You bet. You can also find textures, 3D projectors, and mounted, laminated foamkore boards.

How does payment work?

You’ll have quick, easy payment by your choice of credit, debit, or paypal.

Where do I put all my ideas and project details when I put in my request?

It’s easy as pie. Simply fill out the fast, easy sales form, send it in, and we’ll take it from there.

What if I have more questions?

We can’t wait to hear from you! Go ahead and contact us by clicking HERE, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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