Avengers: Age of ultron is one of the movies that I personally like very much, but at the same time, I am also among those who really did not like the first Avengers film, to be very honest.

Yes, it was a decent enough movie and quite enjoyable too but in my opinion I am surprised to see Avengers in the list of great comic movie greats.

The Avengers is a bit inconsistent with some old new faces but it continues to be a blockbuster because of some heavy cast like Robert Downey, it was amazing to see the greatest actors on a single screen.

Avengers was also good but Age of Ultron has some other class. The Age of Ultron is long and much better from the first one. It has some very cool and different effects and a quite different narrative too. However, it has taken and copied some of the formulas from the first film.

In this movie, we saw a fight of Ironman vs. Hulk. In the very first movie of the Avengers, it was Hulk and Thor. There were quite a few criticism and complaints on the repetition of events but t everyone likes the vs. sequences. Those who were criticizing on the making and repetition of some formulas are surely not the fans of Marvel universe.

The pace of the movie was very good I personally believe that the first 35 minutes were a bit slow because they showed everything creating a lot of disturbance like introducing universes and characters. Not only me but also many in the theatre were a disappointed on the fact that it was going nowhere as it was expected to be. To me, the editors did not impressed me much in the beginning but I really appreciate editors at the end where there are many explosions it was quite amazing.

It was quite watchable; they introduced many characters and many universes so we get a better movie overall. Actually, the main reason behind introducing so many universes and characters is to get a better first half of the movie.

I really did enjoy the concept of beauty tames. The Hulk was surely looking like a Hulk and the beautiful widow , they surely didn’t go out best onscreen but their attractiveness and romance were truly outstanding and looked different actually too, but many of the viewers did criticized on it too. I enjoyed that very much because there looked unique.

Ultron was quite good, the villainess was quite strong. I really loved his gags and pleasantry.

However, the real mess and disappointment in the movie was the Ultron fighting it out with all the steel in the world and his defense was only a cape-shaped ability. That was actually unbelievable to believe and quite harsh too on Ultron. They could have shown some respectable defense. That looked pathetic actually.

As I said, the movie was quite inconsistent and did not have the right build up. There should have some difference and changes somewhere in the movie to fit in Ultron. It looked that the Marvel studios were a bit curious to reveal Lurton as a villain and they did not wait to follow the natural story of it.

The story revolves mainly around Hawkeye and Black widow, the people criticized on that but I think it was good for the movie as it doesn’t follow the same traditional pattern and formula of the overly built powers. Hawkeye is more sensitive than Captain, hulk or Tony Stark is.

Looking him injured and badly wounded and next to be killed, it realizes how others got the power and defense.

Avengers are like gods as the movie says.

Mainly the film looked very good, it is just a piece of enjoyment, do not involve too much into it, sit back and relax. The cast and the making of the film were excellent and undoubtedly, the best I watched. In addition, Ultron looks like a badass villain; it was created from the mind that exists within the infinity store that makes him more attractive.

The dialogues of the movie were outclass and fantastic, it was one the best Marvel movies by far. It has all the chemistry among all the avengers. Creative battle scenes.

There were many surprises in the film. The action was spectacular, very entertaining and watchable. Lots of dramatic tension, strong choreographed effects. Super climax, Collapsing buildings, evacuation that surely give goose bumps.

Overall, it is a very entertaining movie. If you are searching for something like robots and Hulk, THE AGE ULTRON will be right at the top of your movies collection.

I highly recommend this movie

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